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Refresh Now not working / XML for Analysis error

Hi there,

Currently the data refresh (refresh now button) does not work in the Power BI service (Premium P1).

Since a few days (maybe since the June Power BI Desktop Update) we receive the following error message:

The XML for Analysis request timed out befor it was completed. Timeout value: sec. An error occurred while attempting to save the dataset.



2018-07-05 09:5312Z

Data Refresh failure.JPG

So far we had no problems here. The refresh in the Power BI desktop works perfectly (with the same gateway and a dataset with about 8 million rows / 350MB). We use an ODBC-Connector with our on-premise Datagateway.

Some planned updates with incementel refreshs work perfectly too.

Does anyone have an idea or same problems?

We Need Help!


Greatings from Germany

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and here is another one with a smaller Dataset (140 MB)

Data Refresh failure 2.JPG




Please collect gateway log following the guide in this article, and then post the log for us to analyze.



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