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Refresh Failures: Transient Issue

We continue to see refresh failures for our imported datasets throughout the day. The failure reasons are the same, and they are hitting different servers when they fail.


We have updated the gateway, and we still continue to see the same issues. From 1/16, we have had 10 refresh failures for this reason. This requires us to manually kick off a refresh that works fine. 

Can you provide more insights as to why we keep getting this reason for our failures?

"Failure details: The last refresh attempt failed because of an internal service error. This is usually a transient issue."

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We were also seeing this also over our gateway. When we go to the dataset and view the details provided in the message when you click the yellow triangle icon that appears next to the dataset, our issue was due to SQL server blocking. We found that having multiple reports all trying to access the same SQL objects during refresh as the same time was the reason SQL would block. By consolidating data models to a master and pointing reports to this master Power BI report as the source along with some adjustments to our refresh scheduling and fine tuning of some queries, we have been able to clear these types of failures. 

Community Support

Hi all, 


I would suggest you create a support ticket to get help. 


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Qiuyun Yu