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Refresh Failure Notification

I'm not receiving an e-mail regarding any failures for any of my datasets. Is there another parameter that needs to be checked or does it have to report consecutive errors before sending an e-mail?

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You only need to enable the option of “Send refresh failure notification email to me” in Datasets settings. Please check your spam/junk folders. Do you configure alternative email address? If yes, please also check the alternative email inbox.


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@Vicky_Song @v-haibl-msft


I have already configured an alternative e-mail address and i've checked spam/junk folders and there are no e-mails concerning refresh failure notifications. I can whitelist the domain if you can provide it, but i don't think this will matter. 




There is a similar issue reported internally to Power BI Team: CRI 33764664

The ETA is around 5/5/2017. But I'm not sure if the root cause of your issue is same as this one.


If it is urgent, I suggest you to create a support ticket at (see bottom of page).
If issue is resolved, you can share the solution here later to help others who have the same problem.


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I have not received any notification about refresh failures on power bi from past three months.

I have checked the "Send refresh failure notification email to me" option also. Need a solution. Please help!

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Has this been resolved?  Failure notifications are critical!  I've noticed that out of a 100 or so failures i received about 5 failure alerts.  We need all failures!

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i am having the same problem, and i already checked our spam firewall and nothing is coming in to my email.