Redshift Connectivity to PBI Service

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by fbachmann Frequent Visitor ‎11-08-2017 05:52 AM - edited ‎11-08-2017 06:41 AM



We are running into the problem that our redshift cluster, that is not open to all IP addresses, can't be reached from PowerBI Service as it is using multiple IP addresses that are also changing on weekly basis. But it can't be the idea of having this Redshift cluster open to all connections. For a company like us this is absolutly not acceptable. Is there any solution for this issue. 

PS: connection on or Redshift Staging Cluster where we allow all connection works perfectly fine... 





by Community Support Team
on ‎11-09-2017 02:17 AM

Hi Florian,


The workaround is clear. Please vote on this idea: power-bi-direct-connection-to-redshift-inbound-rul. A reply of this idea could be a workaround. I quote it here: 


>>>The solution would be to add redshift support into the powerbi gateway! We face the same problem, that our customer does not want to user powerbi service just because he cannot filter inbound connections based on an ip address of the powerbi service since the azure ip address range is so vast and powerbi service is hosted on an unspecified ip within that range. We currently use powerbi gateway with a generic odbc connection to redshift! While this solves our security problem, we do not have direct query support - of course - and this is a major drawback in the longterm when query performance becomes an issues. So, please, add redshift support to the powerbi gateway!


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