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Recent PBI Service Update: Visual Titles now have white frame and are taller; info below is squished

Anyone else experiencing this?  The formatting of the visual titles in my report was all good.


Now it is not good any more.  There are white frames around the Titles making them taller.  Plus, even without these white frames, the Titles themselves are taller.  This is causing the information below (i.e. Card Data Labels) to be crammed/squished.  The Cards now look mediocre and the Slicer looks terrible.


There was some Power BI Service update late last week that caused this.  Below snapshots show BEFORE and AFTER.  Such a small change is causing basically all the cards in all my reports to look squished and not good.Power BI update is now causing visual titles to be crammed.jpg


Status: Delivered
Helper I

Same issue here!  

Advocate I

we got this issue today and simply messed up 50+ BI reports, MS please revert back whatever you did, the change just broke all our reports. 







Regular Visitor

Over 25 reports that we developed are all messed up. Microsoft, please change back whatever you've done. All our reports are open for use by 13,000 users and some are accessible to all VPs, SVPs, CEO, CTO, Geo Heads, etc. My team is receiving complaints from so many people and we can't simply update all of those reports. It's so surprising that such change was done without realizing the impact. Please revert to the earlier state. It's causing a lot of panic in my organization.

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Microsoft Team - Please help us, this is causing a lot of issue for our end users.. 

New Member

Please help in getting it fixed. Being in a operation team, we use to face such issues on regular intervals which is very much weird.

Regular Visitor

This default feature has really changed the interface of all existing reports and ruined the existence of all current reports. Microsoft is really a big Giant and R&D team should thnk of the impact before making any change in production environment. @microsoft




New Member

Worst visual errors we are facing day by day .Now it is continuous please solve it ASAP.

New Member

Please help in getting it fixed ASAP as we are facing this issue at regular intervals.

New Member

Everything was going good then you came up with this unwanted change. And now everything looked messed up. Please get it fixed.

Advocate II

I'm having the same issues as well.