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Real-time dashboard tile themes (not report visuals)


Maybe this questions was raised before but why doesnt the realtime dashboard tiles respond to the custom theme JSON uploads. I am not talking about pinning report visuals to a dashboard, that works fine when it comes to custom themes.

The problem is that the realtime tiles  connected to a streaming data set do not respond and they have thierdefault colors which do not change.


Is there any way that this is something that has an easy fix? I am not in anyway an expert but i would think this would be something rather straight forward but i maybe missing.




Status: Delivered

Hi @mimam


From this article, you can see: Dashboard custom themes only work with tiles pinned from reports. So it's expected that the dashboard custom theme doesn't apply to the tiles which from streaming dataset. 


For your requirement, you can vote this same idea:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 



Status changed to: Delivered