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Random refresh failure and no email notification of refresh failure


Since moving from personal gateway to the on-premise data gateway, I am continuously having refesh failure on this one dataset. Can anyone give me the reason behind the failure codes below. Also I am no longer receiving refresh failures email notifications (The send email notification box is checked as you can see below) nor can I see the cause of the failure in the dataset screen. I know it is minor but the quick view option on the data set screen where the user clicks on the exclamation point symbol to see the error seems to be broken. I am not sure if these are all linked to the change to the OPDG or just coincidence.

Refresh failure Sales Dashboard.PNG

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My dataset can be refreshed successfully with on-premises gateway. I suggest you to create a support ticket at (see bottom of page) since it seems to be account specific.


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We have noticed the same thing.  I posted about it a while ago.  This isn't new.  I think part of the issue is that we (users & admins) are expecting notices on all failures (like we would have in other programs, ex. SharePoint).  But PBI is only coded to send messages when certain unattended refreshes fail.  That is short sighted.  And even that doesn't always work.  I've probably had 100+ failures during testing.  I've received about 5 or 6 failure notices. 


Microsoft, please set this up so that ALL failures trigger a message.  Even better if you could put together reports for the admin portal on refreshes.  I have a library of reports and alerts for my SharePoint on prem setup.  I would be happy to show them to your developers so you can understand what sort of information IT departments want to track.

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I agree with AnniePower, I hand a failure this morning and no email. Users are now seeing stale data and wondering why.  Any refresh failure should be emailed out.  I take more than less in this situation. 



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Any update on this?  This is a potential deal breaker.  If IT doesn't have a way to monitor a basic & critical issue like a refresh failure, we can't promote this product.  This user alert, even when it's fixed, still isn't enough.  IT needs reports on this.  We need to be able to troubleshoot before the CEO notices his data is 3 weeks old! 

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I am also still waiting for an update.  If I hear anything I will respond right away.

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This is also posted in Ideas to expand the failure messages.  Fixing the current message option should happen first.