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RLS with DirectQuery to a second DataSet + Show as different user

I use RLS on two different DataSets that reside in two different Workspaces.

The goal is to use the Table from Dataset 1 in DataSet 2 with the RLS from DataSet 1.

This works perfectly fine, however it is not possible to impersonate an other user to test the RLS.

When I use show as different user and enter the email adress all visuals are broken. however when I do the same with this user in Power BI Desktop no RLS filtering takes place at all.

Nevertheless when I log in to Power Bi with the test user and look at the App, the RLS applies correct.

Therefore RLs works for the user in life but I can not test because the impersonation doesnt work.

Is this a Power BI bug?



Status: New
Community Support



A similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned. 

CRI 229564895