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REST API - import .rdl file fails using .NET sdk



I have an A4 embedded instance set up using Service Principal.


I can import a paginated report .rdl file in a workspace using the PowerBI web ui.


However if I try to import the same .rdl file using the REST API via the .NET sdk using the PostImportWithFileAsyncInGroup it fails with "BadRequest" error with response



I am able to import a .pbix successfully.


Does anyone have any ideas what may cause this?




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Community Support

Hi @kevinnmo


Please create a support ticket to get help. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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This issue still persist until now. Is anybody working on it or any solution?
New Member

Hi @Anonymous 


Yes, we managed to get it working after opening a support ticket with Microsoft.


When calling the PostImportWithFileAsyncInGroup method you need to ensure that the datasetDisplayName property/argument ends with ".rdl" - that solves the problem!


I hope this helps



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Yes it I format the name with suffix ".rdl". but my issue is fix now by using this ImportConflictHandlerMode.Abort for nameconflict.


Thankyou for the help. 

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Hi @Anonymous,

I facing the same issue, could you please share the script that you used to fix it? 😊