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R limitations and packages

I wrote a R visual code that connects to an external MYSQL DB using the package "DBI" (that is supported in the service ->
It works perfectly fine in the desktop, but when I upload it to the service, the visual stops working and it says that it cannot connect to the database or that it the server host is unknown, depending if I put the IP or the "name" (both work in desktop).
I already read the limitations and had a discussion about them in a community post created by me ( but I couldn't get to a conclusion. Only the following 2 hypothesis:

1) from the link " "  ->"For security and privacy reasons, R packages that provide client-server queries over the World-Wide Web (such as RgoogleMaps) in the service, are not supported. Networking is blocked for such attempts. See the following section for a list of supported and unsupported R packages. "

However, the package that I use to connect to the DB is supported by Service("DBI" package). And the package was basically made to connect to databases, so it would be weird to support it but to not allow most of the stuff to work.


2) from the link "" -> "This sandbox approach imposes some restrictions on the R scripts running in the Power BI service, such as accessing the Internet, or accessing to other resources that are not required to create the R visual."

This might be another problem but they don't explain what the consider as not required. My connection is required but maybe they don't think it is.

After testing for a bit I managed to put all my code, including dbconnection and fetching of the query, inside a barplot function. So i don't believe that much that this is the problem as it would be super weird that he would consider something as not required for the visual when it is inside the funcion that creates the visual

Are the limitations incomplete or are the supported packages wrong?

Am I doing something wrong or is it a powerBi problem?


I hope I'm doing this in the right place


Best Regards,


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