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R custom visual script runtime error (ggplot2 and ggtern library) in Power BI service

I made a custom R look with Power BI Desktop, it worked fine on my computer. But when I published it to my workspace in the Power BI PRO app, I got a script runtime error:

Script runtime error

Attaching package: 'ggtern'

The following objects are masked from the 'package: ggplot2':

%+%, aes, annotate, calc_element, ggplot, ggplot_build,

ggplot_gtable, ggplotGrob, ggsave, layer_data, theme, theme_bw,

theme_classic, theme_dark, theme_gray, theme_light, theme_linedraw,

theme_minimal, theme_void

Error in f (..., self = self): unused argument (<environment>)

Also: warning message:

The plyr ::rename operation created duplicates for the following names: (``, ``)

Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
hidden details
Activity ID4940ac19-9669-4fa3-b755-2abf544a1bed
Request ID266b09bd-a1f1-d0af-2076-ac9098377e68
correlation id b00d485b-47dc-d0d8-f62e-612d92bede00
Time Thu 23 Sep 2021 12:03:16 GMT-0300 (Brasilia Standard Time)
Service version 13.0.16813.83
Customer version 2109.2.07785-train
Cluster URIhttps: //


Does anyone know how to solve? 

Status: New
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