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R Custom Visual (ggplot2, coord_flip() function)

I have developed a R Custom Visual and packaged it as a .pbiviz file. The custom visual works as expected on the desktop version. However, there is a rendering issue that I am facing when I host the report with the custom visual onto Power BI service. 
I am aware that certain R packages/libraries are not supported on the service. The issue I am facing is:
The visual that I have developed works fine (on both: Desktop and Service) if the plot in the visual is vertical. I use the coord_flip() function to rotate my plot to make it horizontal. The plot becomes horizontal but the bars get messed up (see image). This works fine on the desktop though. 
I have been in touch with the R CV support team and they informed me that the R version being used on the service is 3.4.4 and thus the coord_flip() function may not be working on the service but working on the desktop since the version of R I have on my desktop is 3.5.1.
I am not sure how to approach this problem. I have tried other functions to achieve the same but the same result. 
Could you please tell me how to fix this issue? E.g. an alternative function to coord_flip() that works on the service? Or may be somehow install R 3.5.1 on the servicecoord_flipissue.png
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Hi @rmohanty008


I'm afraid we can't install R version on Power BI service by ourselves. I would suggest you create a support ticket to get dedicated support. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu