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Q&A returns wrong result for simple measure



I have 2 reports:

  1. Report A = with imported data
  2. Report B = live connection with Power BI dataset from report A

So report A en B are build on the same data and show exactly the same data in the report.


When I ask the same questions in report A en B I sometimes get different results while no different filters are active.

I can test this very easily as other measures return the correct values.


For example:







Measure Budget:

Budget = 
    SUM ( Meetwaarden[Budget positief]);
     ALL ( Datum[Kwartaal] ) 


This looks as a bug to me as Q&A should return the same result for questions asked with imported data or a live connection to that Power BI dataset.


Friendly greets


Status: New
Community Support

Hi @svenvu


From the measure Budget, there should be two tables Meetwaarden and Datum, please share some sample data of these two tables so we can try to test it on our side. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu