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Q&A Suggested questions

I came accross severall issues with the Q&A suggested questions:

I was able to define suggested question in the the visual of Q&A of the report:
Q&A Suugested Question report.png


When i published it worked fine, and then after a few moment (that include a global maintenance of the service and a new version of powerbi desktop) we stopped seeing suggested questions

I then tried a new approach: using the Q&A of the Dashboards by including the page of the report of this dataset in a Dashboard:
Q&A Suugested Question dashboard.png

Specifying the question in the setting of the undelying dataset:
Q&A Suugested Question dashboard dataset.png


So it worked, but as i cannot have a filter above the Q&A in the Dashboard, (while i could in the report), i wanted two days after to modify the suggested question in this section i came accross this issue:
Q&A Suugested Question dashboard error.png


While i know some parts are still in preview version, is there any way to have a stable service with the Q&A suggested question feature?

Thank you very much for your answers

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Community Support

Hi, @Quentin 


I wonder what changes you made on the suggested questions. At the current time, Power BI Q&A only supports answering natural language queries asked in English, although there is a preview available for Spanish that can be enabled by your Power BI administrator.


About the format of the natrual language, you may refer to the following documents.

Q&A for Power BI business users 

Create featured questions for Power BI Q&A 


Best Regards



Helper III

Thank you @v-alq-msft  for your answer

I am actually the powerbi admin and all i am looking for is for the suggested questions to actualize to the one i mentioned both at the visual level of the report (first step) and then at the dataset setting level (second attempt)

If you have any suggestion on why it is not working and how to get around it i would be very grateful for your help.

Have a great day