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Publish to Web - Pagename linking stopped working



We have a report pack that is 'published to web' and we link/embed the reports using urls that are configured to open specific pages in the report pack using the pagename=reportsection querystring parameter as per the approach here...


This has been working fine, but has recently stopped working. The default (final) page of the reportpage is now displayed regardless of the pagename value that is passed in.


Is anybody aware of an intentional change to this functionality by MS? I've searched, but can find no mention of any changes to this


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Wow -- really not a very satisfactory response.  I am waiting on my call back from them and will reference your ticket.  Four weeks is a show stopper for me.


I spoke to the support team as well.  The rep was very helpful.  He has asked to escalate the severity of the case.  My ticket number is:  119101721001254 in case anyone else is trying to get an update and understand where the resolution is.  


Update:  I received an email from my case.  Hopefully this will be accurate:


"Just a quick update due to our escalation product team is going to push the fix to PROD as soon as possible and the ETA would be end of the week.

If you don't mind could you please inform to our community that it is going to fix at the end of the week.

Appreciate your patience."



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Any update on fixing this issue?

As I understand, last info was it will be corrected by end of week 43.

For me this function still not working.


Thanks, Seba



UPDATE:  Call from Microsoft says they have fixed the issue -- I have not been able to test - but perhaps one of you can and post back to this thread your results....


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Yeap, it is working now 🙂


Thanks a lot.

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Update : It's comeback working fine for me.


UPDATE:  I had time to test and the problem seems to be fixed for me as well, so I help everyone is back to normal!