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Publish to Web - Pagename linking stopped working



We have a report pack that is 'published to web' and we link/embed the reports using urls that are configured to open specific pages in the report pack using the pagename=reportsection querystring parameter as per the approach here...


This has been working fine, but has recently stopped working. The default (final) page of the reportpage is now displayed regardless of the pagename value that is passed in.


Is anybody aware of an intentional change to this functionality by MS? I've searched, but can find no mention of any changes to this


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Community Support Team

@Pazza ,


I would suggest you to create a support ticket here.



Jimmy Tao

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We have also noticed this issue today.  I hope it is not an intentional change as we need this functionality.




FYI, I logged a support ticket yesterday at the same time as posting here. I'll update on this thread when I hear anything.



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Great thanks, we will probably also log a ticket just to make sure they know the issue is affecting multiple customers.

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I am also experiencing the same issue. Will create a ticket


Same problem here. I also creating a ticket.


FYI - a little bit of an update. The support team have managed to reproduce, and this has been bumped to the product team. The following is the reply I have on support ticket '119101322000050' should it be of any use to you in getting this escalated. I'll update again when I have more news



Just to keep you posted, we have investigated and could repro the issue at our end. we have collected required details and escalated the case to our Product team for further investigation. We will keep you posted on the latest updates.


Kindly make a note that our Product team works in PST business hours and expect some delays in the communication






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Hi @Pazza /@lucasAraujo /@fmr5000@islands ,  Please let me know once this is fixed with the same way or updated with any new ways. Provide the updated version of handling pageName


Same issue for us.  I will put a ticket in as well.





We received a mail from the support team as follows:


"We have an update from our product team stating that they have active Bug Tracking for this issue and will move to production Environment by 3rd week of November."


Sadly that is going to be quite damaging for ourselves. If anybody has any suggestions or workarounds, that would be appreciated. I have considered splitting the reports into individual reports that connect to a shared data source, but that would be a ridiculously timeconsuming to convert/test the 30+ reports we have in this pack and would make new report development a nightmare due to the data project needing to be changed/promoted/ refreshed, prior trying to use the changes in the actual report. A 2 min task, becomes a 30 min task 😞
I'd suggest/request that anybody else who is suffering because of this issue raise a ticket on via their support system here and quote support ticket '119101322000050' and this reply so that it might fast track any initial investigation and associated delays.
Good Luck!