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Publish report with Service Power BI doesn't work

I created a report that connects to a Power Service BI data source. When I publish my report, the publication is done correctly but Power BI Desktop remains stuck on the publishing window. Cancel does not work no more. I left like that an hour but have to kill the Power BI Desktop process.


I tried to :
- download the pbix file again from Power BI online
- create a new workspace and publish the Power BI Service and report again
- reinstall Power BI Desktop


My pbix that contains the Power BI Service is published correctly.


It's the same behavior in my colleague when he downloads my project.




Status: Needs Info

Hi @omichel,


Do you run 32 bit or 64 bit desktop? Please try run 64 bit latest Power BI desktop version 2.57.5068.721 if possible. 


Please check if the report which doesn't connect to Power BI service dataset, does the same issue occurs? 


Please run Power BI desktop as administrator then republish the same report to see if the issue persists. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Established Member
Status changed to: Needs Info

Hi Qiuyun Yu,


The version I use is the 64 bit 2.57.5068.721.


Indeed, starting as an administrator, it works.


Otherwise, the behavior is random and only works once in two.

For the moment, I work as an administrator but tell me if you have any idea of the source of the problem.


Thanks for the help.


Best regards.


Olivier Michel