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Publish report from Desktop succeeded but report not updated on Service

I updated a report in Desktop and publish it to an App Workspace where a older version of the report existed.  The publish process completed normally but on the Service, the old version remained.  I can tell the dataset has been replaced though.  Since there are changes to some measures on the dataset, some visuals on the old report broke.


I tried the publish several times this morning and got the same result.  I think I am going to delete the old version in Service, and publish it as new.  But before I try that, I think I would report this in case it is not an isolated incidence.


Below is error message attached to the dataset on Service:


Something went wrong
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 8b09c62e-7b2e-41de-8183-aa34e72c8134
Request ID: 18b1822d-68be-4aee-9d95-41b38e1ada90
Time: 2019-05-14 23:21:00Z



Status: Delivered
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Updates: Because the report was part of a published App, I had to unpublish the App before deleting the stale version of the report and the dataset from the Workspace.  After doing that, I re-published the report from Desktop and this time it reached the Workspace successfully. HOWEVER....




The "Included in App" switch beside the dashboard is now disabled.  There is no error message or explanation given, just disabled.


Yes the dashboard contained a visual from the old report but the tile was removed automatically after the old report was deleted.  I pinned a visual from the new report to the dashboard.  In the Workspace, the dashboard and report both working properly.  The problem now is that I cannot publish an App with the dashboard in it.


Do I need to delete and recreate the dashboard as well? 


I know there are a lot of metadata and dependencies behind the scene but I hope the process can be more resilient.

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Updates:  About half an hour after unpublishing the App, the "Included in App" switch by the dashboard is enabled again.  So there was a time lag for Power BI Service to recover but eventually it did.


I just need to remember that this is SaaS on shared infrastructure and almost all operations are asynchronousSmiley Happy

Community Support Team

Hi @wilx ,


It looks like a caching issue. You could click the refresh button of web browser to update the report page.



Yuliana Gu

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Hi @v-yulgu-msft,


Yes it could be a local caching issue, or it could be synchronisation issue in the cloud.  It is hard to determine the true cause from where I stand, but the good news is that it righted itself after a while.


Thanks and regards,


Community Support Team
Status changed to: Delivered