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Publish Report Error if Not Signed In

Power BI Desktop seems to be signing me out of my Power BI account. When I go to publish a report while not signed in it asks me for my credentials, but doesn't allow me to type anything in. I have to open Task Manager and Force Close Power BI, reopen, Sign In, then publish.

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I have been having this problem too, ever since updating to the January version of BI desktop. Currently running Version: 2.42.4611.701 32-bit (January 2017). Is it related to this:


I don't think it is as the notice refers to refreshing whereas I and @dkkip05 are having problems with publishing


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I just try several times but cannot repro the same issue as you. Have you tried to uninstall the current version completely and download the latest version to install again?


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I believe this is the same issue as this

and this


@dkkip05 apologies if your issue is not the same as mine and the above two mentioned but from your description it sounds as if it is the same.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. In PBI Desktop open a .pbix file
  2. Refresh
  3. Publish (sign in to PBI account)
  4. All goes well to this stage
  5. Wait one hour
  6. Refresh
  7. Publish
  8. If the project has not been saved you are presented with the save dialogue - hit Save
  9. Note that at the top right of the form the user name changes to "Sign in", the "Sign in to your account" form appears and a panel with the spinner and "Working on it..." appears over the top of the form. User is prevented from clicking into the sign in form or doing any operation in PBI Desktop - it is unresponsive. However the spinner is still circling. The only way to exit the condition that I have found is to use the Windows task manager to kill the Power BI Desktop task.

If the project had been saved prior to clicking the Publish button the second time the conditions noted in step 9 occur immediately after clicking the Publish button.



I uninstalled Power BI Desktop and reinstalled it with no change to behaviour - it still locks up on republishing a project an hour after the first publishing.

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Glad others are starting to notice this issue! It is odd as before I click on publish I check to see whether I am still logged in. I am, but I still get the login prompt. You can't login though as the window is behind the one that indicates file upload "Working on it..." Only way to fix is to kill task.

.Power BI hang.png

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When did you download the Jan 2017 version of Power BI Desktop? The team republished the Jan 2017 version on about 1/13/2017 because of a publish issue.

BTW, could you please try to clear the cache of your browsers, close them and have a try again?


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Thought I would share my info as well - I just now uninstalled and reinstalled. Not sure what you are referring to in relation to browsers as I am publishing using PBI Desktop. I login on startup and I now always check before publishing to see if I am still logged in. I have found that I need to have PBI opened for awhile to see the error. Version I am using is 2.42.4611.701. Never had this problem before latest update.





@v-haibl-msft I downloaded on 16 Jan 2017 Version: 2.42.4611.701

I don't see why emptying the browser cache is important, as @wknelson says, the issue is with Power BI Desktop - the browser is not even open.


And as @wknelson says, the issue only manifests once you have been logged in for some period, greater than 20 minutes, as I did try it again after 20 minutes and it was fine, it republished but after an hour it failed - logs the user out and will not allow the user to log in again.


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Thanks for your information! I can repro the same issue now. I’ve reported it internally to Power BI Team: CRI 29789766

I’ll post here once there is any update about it.


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