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Proper multi-selection on Mac all browsers

Selecting multiple items (e.g. two bars in a bar chart) is a hassle on Mac. In Chrome it doesn't work at all to Ctrl+click (it only brings up a context menu) and in Safari there is a work-around to click twice (see link below).


But even if there exist work-arounds this behavior is really poor and half of our organization suffers from this issue. Make sure to fix a proper multi-selection functionality on Mac!


Link to possible, but poor, work-around:

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This issue should have the same root cause as the one mentioned in this thread.

And it was reported internally to Power BI Team: CRI 45030570

Please have a try after the Oct 2017 version of Power BI Desktop is released.


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I also just ran into this issue. A percentage of our end users have Macs. I always assumed they could easily multi-select. But they can't!


@v-haibl-msft and @Vicky_Song, any update here?


I tried with the latest version of Power BI Desktop, and nothing seems to have changed.