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Problems with email notifications and settings

Hello there,


I am having difficulties with configuring this platform to automatically send me email notifications on topics that I follow.


There are a couple of issues that I indetified that are related

1) Even though I have enabled "Automatically subscribe me to all topics or reviews I participate in" - i did not receive any updates

2) The "My Subscription" area looks different in Chrome vs in Microsoft Edge.

3) The "My subscription" area has tick boxes for topics that you want to subscribe to but has not button to save the preferences once you have selected the boxes - please see screenshots below

power bi community problem 2.PNGpower bi community problem 3.PNGpower bi community problem.PNG

Status: New

Hi @rvcedd ,


This is a known issue and Engineers are working on this issue. I will post back once I get any updates.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu