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Problems with date changing in model when refreshing on

We have an issue where we have the correct dates in Power BI desktop and when publishing to everything is correct. When we then refresh the model all the dates are changed and moved one date back(see picture). The field is a date field in a fact table. When we refresh the data in Power BI Desktop the dates does not change only when we refresh on


The top picture is from Power BI Desktop and the bottom picture is from




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Hi @norathogersen,


What's the date column? Is it a normal column or a measure? Please share a sample if you can.


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Hi @v-jiascu-msft,


This is a normal column and not a measure.


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Sometimes the dates are in the timezone of the BI service server, so depending on the dates transform, you may find dates get changed, found this out also with AEST, and had to transform UTC to local timezones using the query editor.


Also should take note when doing measures with Now() typically uses the date of the powerbi cloud service not your local timezone...