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Problems with colors in Scatter Chart

There are two problems with colors in Scatter chart in Power BI Desktop (April 2019 release from Microsoft Store, but the version downloaded from the website has these problems as well):


1) After I put an attribute on Play Axis the Data colors section disappears from the Format tab of the visual.

2) Even if I change the Data color schema on the Scatter chart by disabling Play Axis for a moment, the color schema returns to the previous setting, so I'm not able to change the colors on the animated Scatter chart anymore.


To see the reproduction of these problems see the video:


The .pbix file can be downloaded from here:!AswoYNSd-msEg5YdTf_tFWKmIfmz1A

Status: Delivered
Community Support Team

Hi @pawelpo ,


Referring to this similar thread, "This is a known limitation for now. There is a color-by-category toggle the user can apply that will give a unique color to each category grouping, even if there is no Legend field."


Someone has submitted this feature request at ideas page, you could click to vote it up.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team
Status changed to: Delivered