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Problems with Slicers after using option "Sync Slicers"



I am developing a report in my desktop and publishing it to an Power Bi App. I am having a lot of problems with the Sync Slicers functionality:


1) I dont want the filters to be visible on my "Task in Progress" page, so in my Sync Slicers did not tick the "Visible" option off (look picture below). Somehow the filters show up in that report anyway.


Filter list.jpgSync slicer option.jpg


2) In my desktop version I have changed the filters to a dropdown list. As soon as I publish the report and opens it in Power BI App the filters have been converted into lists instead of dropdown menus.


3) I have a frontpage where I can choose a Region from a drop-down list. If I choose a report page and work it in as I normally would, and return to the frontpage again, a blank value in that drop-down list suddenly appears. There are NO blank values in either my dimension or in the fact that is related to that dimension.


Have any of you had the same problems?


BR Linh_Proactive

Status: New

Hi @linh_proactive,


1. Would you please select the slicer and double check the Sync Slicer pane to see if Visible option is unchecked? 


2. Please ensure the slicer displays as Dropdown mode on Power BI service. Please also ensure you are running the latest Power BI mobile app version. 


3. Does the issue happen in Power BI mobile app? Would you please share a pbix file with us? Please do remove sensitive data within the report.  


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu