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Problem with the update of data in reports

I have a recent problem with the update of data in graphs and tables in PowerBI.  I have different panels and reports in PowerBI, which receive data from a CosmosDB of Azure. Since around two weeks one of my reports started to show problems because only it recognizes the last quantity of data (for instance, data from the last day), however, the data before this period is not recognized. I don't know the reason of this problem, because I can obtain the data using PowerBI Desktop without any problem. This is an example of this problem (Example) where the variables of temperatura and humidity have register since the March 18, but the variables of Particle Matter present data from the 21:00 hrs (last day). Before, this problem didn't happen. 

Status: New

Hi @vcaquilpan,


I would suggest you file a support ticket here.

create ATicket


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