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Problem with "BI Connector" data source



Currently i have Power Bi connected to Mongo DB with an ODBC connector that implies the "Import" Connectivity. As this Database is large, it is very long to refresh the dataset.


I want to connect Power Bi to Mongo DB using "Direct Query" as to only retrieve what's necessary but it looks like there is a problem with this data source connection. 


So far, i created a new system DSN that uses MongoDB ODBC 1.4.2 ANSI Driver. Then in Power Bi : 


1 - I selected BI Connector (as i have mongosqld running on my server, which is mongodb's bi connector) : 


2 - I selected my system DSN : 


3 - After clicking OK i typed my credentials  (please note that i get to this step even if i type a dummy dsn name that doesn't exist) : 



4 - I observe the same error every time, though all needed tcp/udp ports are open (and i manage to connect with the ODBC connector) : 


The error message is wrong in that it does not display the driver's name ("my_odbc_dsn") but the property name "{BI Connector Driver}" so i think there might be a problem with the "BI Connector" data source connection. My DSN is working perfectly fine when using an "ODBC" data source connection but this data source connection does not support direct query.


How can i make this work ?


Thanks a lot


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The connector is used to import data from OBIEE server.

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@v-chuncz-msft Thanks for your answer.


Is there another way to have a direct query with a MongoDB database ? I understand that it is not possible with the ODBC connection but i'm working on a ~10GB database.

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