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Problem with a Simple Merge/Join. Impossible Data transformation?

Pretty simple thing going on, I am merging a rolled up daily stats table into a higher level table with more data about the jobs that represent those rolled up daily stats.


Here is an example of the power query going on.


Tricky thing is-you’ll see the grouped rows step isn’t showing a cog because I’ve started using List.First and List.Last which aren’t supported by the GUI menu.


This gets merged into the higher level table on a single cardinality Job ID. There are no duplicates on the Job ID in either table.


Here’s an example of numbers corresponding to a job ID that are correct.


^(Child Table)


Here is an example of the data right before I expand the merged table.


^( Preview in table being merged into, showing second row with values that are to be joined.)


Literally right after expanding:


The "ROP" field is the correct value from the child table. The "Hauloff" value is now incorrect with a value I cannot attribute to any calculation nor does that value exist anywhere in the joined table. 


How could this be possible? I've dissected the querry inside and out. Any input on something that could be happening will be appreciated. I fear this could be an issue with Power Query at large. There is no way this could be transforming from a simple expand?


I've already tried removing duplicates. 


Insane stuff, I have literally no one else to ask for help who could have an idea of what is happening here.

I would consider this very urgent of an issue in terms of my work load. 



Daniel Villarreal



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