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Problem with PivotTables in workbooks in Power BI

As of today, or possibly the last few days, there is a problem with the dropdown menu's that allow filtering or sorting of PivotTables in workbooks contained in Power BI. The dropdown menu's on PivotTable Filter items themselves seem to work fine, but when using the menu to filter or change sort order etc on the column or row items, the menu pops up and immediately disappears, meaning the filters and sort order cannot be changed.

Status: New
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A similar issue has been reported: CRI 214846356, so stay tuned. 

Advocate II

@v-chuncz-msft any update on this? My users are complaining and I can't give them any advice - the problem persists. The only workaround we've found is to move the item to filters, filter and then move it back to the layout - which is a major pain.