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Pro-licensed user, workspace viewer, dataset builder not able to create a report


userA (pro-licensed) is admin of workspace WS-PILOT. In this workspace there is only a dataset. UserB has a PRO license and the following grants:

- UserB is viewer of workspace WS-PILOT

- UserB is a builder of the dataset.


Looking at the Microsoft documentation, userB should be able to use the dataset of WS-PILOT to create a new report (but he won't be able to save it in the same workspace because he's not a contributor). He should be able to create a report by using Power BI Desktop. If he tries, the following error comes up:


Error Message:
We couldn't connect to your model in the Power BI Service. The dataset may have been deleted, renamed, moved, or it is possible that you don't have permission to access it.

Error Message Detail:
No OLE DB Error Information found.


Is this a bug?


Status: New
Community Support


I have tested on my side, it works well.

and if there is RLS has been defined for this dataset, it will happen this error. because rls read users couldn't connect underlying data in dataset.




Advocate II

Hi, sorry for the delay witht he answe. I confirm, adding the person to the RLS role, it works properly!