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Privacy Levels and Dataflows

I’m trying to combine some data from a dataflow with the google knowledge graph API.

I have a function which iterates through the query and returns the company website for a given company name. This works fine in the Desktop (with Privacy checks enabled and all Privacy levels set to the same level) but then fails in the service with the error


[Unable to combine data] Section1/CSD Company Groups/Filtered Rows1 is accessing data sources that have privacy levels which cannot be used together. Please rebuild this data combination.. The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface. Table: CSD Companies.



It doesn’t seem to matter how the privacy levels are set in the file the error persists in the service. How does the service determine the Privacy Level for data in a dataflow? One set of dataflow data comes through a gateway with Privacy Setting of Organisational, does this make a difference

Status: Needs Info


Please make sure that you configure same privacy level in Power BI Desktop and Power BI gateway for all data sources.

In addition, what specific function  do you use? Could you please share M code in Advanced Editor of your query? Also what data sources do you add within gateway? Could you please share a screenshot about gateway data source?


Status changed to: Needs Info