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Print Embedded Report to PDF Broken

When an embedded report is printed to PDF, the resulting PDF only shows a portion of the report. This is happening on most reports including the samples provided.Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 9.43.22 AM.pngEmbedded Report in FullScreen Shot 2019-03-14 at 9.43.40 AM.pngPrint to PDF View Cuts off

Status: Accepted

@stevenamani ,

A similar issue has been reported internally:108480238. Please check PG's response:

" We have feature in backlog to improve Print functionality: Feature Item 140241 and Feature Item 142656. I would recommend customer to use Export to PDF functionality (Click on File -> Export to PDF) to generate a PDF version of their report."


Status changed to: Accepted
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The suggested resolution is not acceptable to us. We have  a lot of users that access PowerBI reports via the embedded API and therefore there isn't a "File -> Export to PDF". This is something that has been working flawlessly for over a year and broke all of a sudden in the last few days. 

We desperately and urgently need this functionality to be restored so that our users can are able to print embedded reports to PDF. 


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I also want to add that its not just the printing to PDF thats broken. Printing an embedded report to *any* printer is currently non-functional because of this issue. See attached image for illustration. The issue can be reproduced in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari on both Windows and macOS.

.Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.14.09 AM.png


@stevenamani ,

A bug has created for this issue, however, there is no ETA for this issue. Please check if the workarounds below works.

Modify the Report design to avoid truncation:
    The customer should investigate the Page Size of the Report in question (Select the page size property group in the visualizations pane when the report page is in focus)
    If the Type is set to Custom, change it to '16:9' which will force the customer to rearrange tiles within the printable area
    Recommendations are to not place visuals on the Right and Bottom edges of the page boundaries
    Modify the Embed Link to use a bigger width and height - e.g.
<iframewidth="1024"height="800"src="" frameborder="0"allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

Ask their embedded users to use PrtScn to grab the entire window and create the PDF using the copied screenshot:
    If the first workaround is not practical for the user, this workaround should allow their report users to be unblocked
    In the embed viewer on their user(s) browsers, they should enter fullscreen view
    Use Ctrl+Alt+PrtScr key combination to grab the entire screen of the report in the copy buffer
    Copy the contents (Ctrl+V) to an editor (e.g. Word) capable of saving a PDF file


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None of the workarounds are viable for us. We will await the formal resolution.