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Prevent Unfiltering on Row Click in table

I think this is quite a significant limitation in Power BI and I am hoping this can be addressed. I see it has been brought up by @StuartSmith and @9024gnsd 


If you have a visual and a table when clicking on a row in the table after it has been filtered by the visual, the table "Unfilters" itself.


I entered a simple table and have configured a bar chart and a table, plus an additional table to show desired effect.



When filtering category from the bar chart it works fine: Category 2 selected.



Now here is where the problem occurs: When clicking the table to filter on Subcategory 2 it unfilters the table.


Ideally It should it should have kept all Category 2 rows with Subcategory 5 highligted or worst case look like the second table with just the clicked row visible.


Hope some can address this or propose a fix?


Thanks for reading.

Status: New

Hi @dcorentin


I'm afraid it's not supported to do it currently. To work around the issue, you can put the Area and Region columns in two Slicer visuals, then select desired values in these two slicers to get desired output in the table visual. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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