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Prevent Sensitivity Banner getting displayed on PowerBi report rendered through IFrame.

On our website we render PowerBi Reports using IFrame. We publish these reports on PowerBi using PowerBi Desktop. Until recently we did not face any issues. Recently my PowerBi Desktop got updated to the following version. Version:- 2.95.804.0 64-bit (July, 2021).


In the latest version of PowerBi Desktop, it does not allow publishing reports without selecting sensitivity.


But if I select sensitivity and publish the report, a sensitivity Banner is displayed on the PowerBi report rendered through IFrame saying "Confidential/Microsoft Extended" with a link for "Learn More." And this link redirects to official documents about sensitivity Labels. Please refer to the below image.


powerBi Issue_Cropped.jpg


The first solution I found after quick research is to use a sensitivity label as "NONE". But this option is not available to me.

I don't want to display this banner on my website. So how can I prevent it.?

Is there any setting/configuration that I can set into PowerBi Desktop..??

Or can we achieve it through code..?

Thanks in advance.

Status: New
Community Support

Thank you @v-chuncz-msft 🙂