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Premium Pipelines still not working (Dataflows update) Error not helping

We have a dev Premium workspace and we have 2 dataflows and 2 datasets and numerous reports.


the dataflows can be moved to the new Premium test workspace


However the datasets cause an error



And as you can see the error gives us nothing to work with. the question is, are there still issues with the Premium Pipelines when it comes to dataflows. They were only included in June so Im thinking that there may be other issues. 


Or am I missing something? Ive read the documentation and I feel we are doing everything right


Everything is Premium. We are admins of all the workspaces. We hae Pro accounts. We make sure we onw the dataflows before running.

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A similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned.

CRI 248326364


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Just as an extra, we created a brand new pbix connected to the workflow and this deployed OK


We then tried deleting all the visuals from our original pbix leaving the model and DAX and tried and we got the same message above.


So its like the deployment process cant cope with a Dataset that was created before using the Pipelines but we cant figure out where the problem is.


If this is a known issue then fantastic. 

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We are having exactly the same issue and our Power BI central team seems to be a lost on how to fix it. It will be great if yu can provide an update on CRI 248326364


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We created a support ticket for this and was told that there are issues and they are hopefully going to be fixed in the August release.


Heres hoping