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Premium Capacity - Performance degradation/Slow Visual Load Times/Filters not consistently loading


We recently migrated a few of our workspaces to the Power Bi - Premium P1 Instance & since roughly the beginning of May 2019 we've been experiencing inconsistent performance & reliability from this service. A few of our common issues are:

  • Performance Degradation over the course of a day to the point where we need to always restart the capacity.
  • Slow Visual Load Times, at times it doesn't even loads.
  • Reports not loading at all, either needing a browser refresh or complete closure etc. 
  • Visual bugs where only certain elements on the page are loaded 


  • Where there any updates/changes made to the Power Bi Premium around the beginning of May 2019 that may have caused the issues to occur?  
  • Are there any settings we can leverage beyond Memory allotments? 
  • Are there plans to bring better protection from resource Jams/bottlenecks to premium?
  • Are there currently "fair play" features enabled within the premium environment that could be causing these performance slows?

Any amount of information would be greatly appreciated. Please note we do understand that Power Bi itself is a service that is continuing to get better with each iteration (for the most part) & we are excited to see where it goes. 




Status: New

Hi @hpatt1993


I didn't receive information that if there is any update for Power BI premium currently. For your issue, I would suggest you follow this document to troubleshoot the issue:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 


I am also experiencing large performance issues - most notably in refresh time and speed in which reports filter.