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Premium Capacity Metrics App

Recently it seems there is a disconnect between the "Health Center" in the Power BI Premium Capacity Metrics App and the refresh drill through/action center. I see a percentage for refresh waits on the main page, but when I click explore it seems to be blank. 


From editing the report and poking around a little bit, it seems the Refresh Waits on the Health Center page is using data from a table: "RefreshMetricsV2" whereas the Action Center/Detail page is using data from: "RefreshWaitTimes" and "RefreshThrottlingMetrics" both of which appear to be blank for me/contain no data. I have tried to update the Metrics app to the latest version, still nothing. Anyone experiencing something similar? Any ideas, maybe I'm just missing something simple?

Status: New
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That seems to work fine for meIf it persists, you may create a support ticket for assistance.