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Premium_ASWL_Error - Single sign-on (SSO) credential is not provided which is required to execute

{"error":{"code":"Premium_ASWL_Error","pbi.error":{"code":"Premium_ASWL_Error","parameters":{},"details":[{"code":"Premium_ASWL_Error_Details_Label","detail":{"type":1,"value":"Single sign-on (SSO) credential is not provided which is required to execute the current request."}}]}}}

Facing the error in composite model, Published the report with diff name and tried as well. 

Status: New
Advocate II

I couldn't find any documentation around this limitation. I understand composite model integration hasn't fully matured yet and bugs are to be expected. However, providing a feature in Desktop Mode and not on the service is blindsiding. I appreciate that the error message is very descriptive, however it would have been nice to be notified of this limitation in Desktop Mode when referencing the DQ in the calc table. Would appreciate an ETA for this fix. 


Thanks for all your hard work.

Advocate II

Hi, would appreciate an ETA on this fix.

Advocate II

Any updates?

Helper III

Going by this thread it seems there is no way of putting a mixed storage dataset on a refresh schedule and Power BI doesn't seem to plan on fixing it.

Why even have the option if you can't refresh your dataset?


We can refresh the model in service if we can remove the calculated tables in the direct query model

Helper III

All calculated tables? So you can't even have a calendar table?

Resolver II

Had the same problem.

CALENDARAUTO seems to be working ok.

CT using other tables as a source lead to error.

So I had to move all data modifications into PowerQuery. Also had to switch to personal data gateway. 

Solves only part of my problems but nonetheless the composite report feeding on 5 PBI published datamodels works AND refreshes.

Created calculated tables in the report itself. Also works fine.