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Powerbi service doesn't load



We have a lot of employee who get this error message when trying to connect to powerbi service (screenshot):


We use google chrome as browser.


Could you fix this issue?


It seems to happen more and more.


Thank you!

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the link in the previous post was from another user yesterday.


This one is from me from just now:



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we also have same issue. Web Portal crashes every few minutes. Have several hundred users and start getting complaints.

Date and Time: 2021-02-27 01:36:00Z
Activity Id: e6bac96d-624f-420b-bf3b-e4640b3d52fd
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This issue usually goes away quickly. You may keep an eye on the Awareness.

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The same thing is happening for us! It's been happening on and off for weeks.  Some days are worse than others particularly today.  What is causing this?

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@vincent2369 Still happening for us too.  It's pretty embarassing when our executives tries to access the service and sees the owl and PBI error page.  For myself, after 5 failed attemptes I switch from Chrome to Microsoft Edge.  Then eventually later in the day, I can get to the service from Chrome.