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Powerbi desktop with enhanced dataset metadata preview - huge memory usage and too long to open



I have a 320Mb pbix which opens fine in 3 minutes and then my memory usage is about 12 Gb.

I tried to activate the enhanced metadata preview from last April release.

Then when I opened it, so the metadata was upgraded to new format for tabular editor compatibily and all that.

Anyway, know the new updated version takes ages to open , and my memory usage goes up to the max on my PC ie 19Gb .

So I turned off the enhanced metadata preview and had to rolled back to my preview version of the pbix which stills works fine.

Is there any known issue with the way powerbi desktop current version handles memory once the new metadata format is used.

Can you help ?


Thanks !


Thanks !

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Community Support

Hi @oberthju


I didn't find the same issue internally. In your scenario, I would suggest you troubleshoot the issue follow this document


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu