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Powerapps visual not working - Can't choose an existent app and add to the report

I've been trying to add an existent powerapps app to my report, but the visual isn't retrieving anything. It only shows an error message saying "No apps to display". Last friday this visual was working as intended and I could load my apps.


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Same issue here. I'm seeing similar issues around the internet right now.

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@Chirumpolo ,


I would suggest you refer to the limitations in doc below:



Jimmy Tao

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Unfortunately, this isn't a limitation error. As I said, friday this visual was working. Right now, I'm trying to apply it to the same report, using the same table as argument, but it's not working. Not in this report, not in any report, be it on service or desktop.

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I too am facing same issue, Is this fixed??

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Experiencing the same issue as well. After loggin in after the weekend, it seems the existing app connection no longer works through the visual. Reports from last week and beyond still have the previous power app, but when trying to add to a new one, it doesn't allow the organization selection, and "No apps to display". I can add a new app, and can copy the elements over (with a bit of configuration). Help.

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Same issue - not a limitation error.


Existing apps created with Power BI are not working.

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I guess APPS that are already integrated in to power BI are working fine, issue is with adding APPS to power BI  as a new visual.

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The same thing is happening to me. It shows no apps when I add the visual.

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Hey all, it looks like whatever caused this is resolved on my environment as of this morning.

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Yeah, Automatically resolved this morning for me too, but what was the cause ?