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Powerapps for PowerBI

My Powers for Power BI environment not working on Power bi desktop Pro license. It was working till yesterday wherein i was able to add apps and create new apps. But since today morning the visualisation is blank and no option to create a new app or add app. My project is stuck because of this. 

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Hi @rupaacharya


Was there any change made to the Power BI desktop or PowerApps? 

How about the result if you add a new PowerApps visual to the report? 

Based on my test in Power BI desktop 2.80.5803.1061 64-bit (April 2020), it's able to use PowerApps visual, please run the same Power BI desktop version as ours then test again. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Hi Qiuyun,


Thanks for checking. I have the same version but still showing the same error. Seems the error is in my system and not a generic one. Please me tell me if you are aware of any workaround of it.



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I think my issue may be linked to this.....Powerapps is fine on my desktop version but is blank on the online version

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I'm experiencing the same issue, power apps visualisation in power BI desktop and online is blank.



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Hello @v-qiuyu-msft, i ´m having the same issue, i have the same version (2.80.5803.1061 64-bit).

The previous version (2.79.5768.1082 64-bit) was working ok, but with the last update it stop working. 

We´re having this issue with many users that had the last update.




Please, we need a solution. We´re having our projects at stand by because of this.


Regards, Nico


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This resolved my issue temporarily (changing the power bi service language setting from default browser language to "English")
Looks like it will be resolved tomorrow

Exact same issue

Can do it all in the desktop, works fine.

As soon as published to the power bi service its blank.
Even tried just making a blank report up in the service and adding a powerapp and it comes back blank.

Cleared browser cache, tried different browsers, turned off popup blockers, everything.





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Has anybody got any fix for the issue, seems the issue is more with the version.




Community Support

Hi all, 


The issue regarding PowerApps visual is blank both in Power BI desktop and service should be gone now. Please test again on your side. You can update Power BI desktop to May 2020 version:


By the way, if you have PowerApps visual issue in embedded scenarios, you can keep an eye on the status of this issue in Support site: 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Yes, I checked yesterday and the issue is resolved. Thanks for your support.



Rupa Acharya