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PowerQuery shows "null" value in preview dropdown for SQL Views after "Load More"

Issue: Power Query preview window values dropdown shows "null" when selecting "Load More" when connecting to a SQL View


How to trigger:

On SQL Server, we have a view selecting a limited set of an underlying table, eg through a TOP 1000 FROM with an ORDER BY

This view is also used by other systems so it is not a solution to shift this logic to PQ.


When connecting to the view, the dropdown for a field shows, as expected, only a limited number of values, and shows the load more option.

When clicking the "load more" button, instead of showing all the values, it shows "null".

"null" is NOT part of the actual view result, but it is part of the original table on which the view is built.


Additional info:

this behaviour does not happen in Excel!

Status: New

Hi @wodraeve,


Do you men the Load More button like below?






Based on my test with Power BI desktop version 2.59.5135.781 64-bit (June 2018), click on Load More will not display invalid null values.


Which Power BI desktop version do you run? Please try the same version as ours then test again. 

Does the issue happens to all SQL views? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu