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PowerQuery - Validating queries when saving is taking excessively long time

I'm struggling to be able to work efficiently with Dataflows as I am experiencing excessive times to 'validate' queries after pressing the 'Save & Close' button. For entities with even a minimal amount of transformation (eg. simply changing some column data types) I've experienced wait times of over 3 hours to simply save the query to exit out back to the main entity menu/view. Should things be taking this long for an output schema validation process, regardless of the size of the underlying table data? Is this an issue being experienced by others as well?

This is making it simply impossible for me to work with the Dataflows product in this way.



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Same problem here.. a DataFlow which takes normally 30min to refresh, takes an endless time to save after the smallest change as well. 

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Same here. MySQL

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Still extremely slow in KY, USA

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I have the same problem. Some days saving time is okay. However, most of the time the saving time is terrible. Can't continue working like this 

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It's reverted back to snails pace during working hours here (Northern Europe).  When I try later in the evenings and weekends it's fine.  So, they are tinkering with the validations again.  


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Same problem here. When saving the Dataflow, it takes a very long time to Validate Queries. Sometimes it aborts with unexpected error. Sometimes it runs for hours and never finishes saving the modification aplied.

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Validating queries is extremely long and fails most of the time... Please do something!!

The same operations would be a matter of seconds on other BI platforms or directly in SQL...

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Experiencing the same problem. I am loading a spreadsheet with 100 rows and 9 columns and it's been validating for more than 10 minutes so far. 

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This is extreamly painful - I wish I hadn't lead my team down this dataflow path. 

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Same here. North Europe.