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PowerQuery: Get data from Excel - missing last column in navigation; gets visible after modification

Hello all,


I have an issue when loading an Excel file into PowerQuery: we receive a sales forecast file from an external partner via mail, that contains 18 columns of data. When I save the attachment and directly load this .xlsx file in PowerQuery - it only recognizes 17 columns - the 18th column is not showing (which is a column I actually need). If I open the attachment first and save it or if I make a small modification to the original Excel file (e.g. as simple as just adding a random number to a random cell in any of the worksheets, not even the one I need) - the last (18th) column is recognized.


Attached a print screen of both orginal file behaviour and after modification behaviour.


Curious to see if more people experienced this as well and if it is a strange bug that can be resolved.



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