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PowerPoint Export

I am trying to export my report to power point via the Export to Powerpoint feature. The export itself is fine but once I download the powerpoint I am getting some blank boxes that covers the first page of the report where the data and charts are populated. Is there a workaround this issue because I tried republishing the report to the server and then downloading it and also saved the report published it to the service and then downloaded it but its all the same case in the end. Please let me know if there ia a solution for my issue. attached are couple of images stating the issue.



SridharPage 1.jpg


Page 2.jpg


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I cannot repro the same issue on my side with several reports in PBI Service. Could you please share your PBIX file or a sample file which can be used to repro through online file service like OneDrive?


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The issue has been resolved.

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