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PowerPoint Export Changes Legend Layout

This was working fine yesterday but today when I exported the online Power BI report to PowerPoint, the legend (which usually resides along the top of this chart) has mysteriously moved to be left-aligned, and covering the charts. This is on every chart & page in my report, so it's not just a single page. I have not changed this report recently.



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I have this same issue, starting two days ago.  No changes to the report, just lost the ability to export without the legend being left-aligned and covering the chart.  

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image.pngI also had the same issue today.  Legend changed to vertical instead of horizontal and really messes up my graph.  Power BI Team please let us know how to fix the issue- thanks!


Hi all, 


The issue has been reported internally before: CRI 64580161. Will update here once I get any information. 


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I've encountered the same issue. Any ideal when will this issue fixed?

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I also encountered this problem, please fix asap!


Please note that a work-around is to use the 'left' positioning for the legend.


In my case the legends in the power bi report which is recieved in the email have changed from top-center aligned to left aligned and all the reports are messed up. Hope Microsofe resolves this issue on top priority.


i am also having this issue. Can we know when this will be fixed?


When will this issue be solved? What is the current status?

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