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PowerBI view shifted in Remote Desktop

Connected via Remote Desktop, opened a PowerBI file and the report's frame/image is cut off and shifted to the left/top, with empty sections at the side. Mouse clicks on the empty/right side causes actions on the report. For example, clicking at the right edge brings up the right-most pane with the tables. In case it matters, desktop is a multi-monitor setup but user is connected via Remote Desktop from a laptop.  This used to work some months ago (sorry, don't know the versions). This is now on Version: 2.57.5068.721 64-bit (April 2018) but the issue appeared earlier today prior to the upgrade.


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Hi @aa12345,


I would suggest you check if any change made with remote desktop settings recently. Please check resolution settings on your side, try to change to different value then test again. 




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Qiuyun Yu 


I just ran into this issue again. In fact, I think I've seen this issue in Power BI where the view moves completely offscreen, resulting in a fully black background and no ability to see the report view.


I just found a resolution, @aa12345. You need to end all Power BI processes on the machine. Then when you reopen Power BI, the report view should be scaled appropriately.

This resolved the issue for me running Power BI on Win10 Enterprise through RDP.

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Unfortunately, ending all of my Power BI desktop sessions did not do the trick.  Still looking for a resolution on my end.  I know this has to do with a resolution difference between my desktop resolution at work (4k) and at home (2k), but Power BI seems to be the only application affected.  My application looks offset just like the picture in the OP's post.


Also @WTarrasque, did that actually work for you?  When I closed all of my Power BI instances in my remote desktop connection and reopened them, it did not fix the issue.  I'd caution others against closing pbix files that don't have this issue, as reopening them will cause them to have the same issue as any of the other new files you're opening, at least in my case.


If I am sitting at my desk at work and I open a pbix file there locally, and then go home and VPN in from home, the file looks just fine.  It's only when I open something from home, over VPN and remote desktop connection, that I'm experiencing the issue.  Anything that was open before I remote into the machine is just fine.


In my experience with VPN, this is actually the opposite of what I'd expect.  When opening a new file, I'd expect it to use the resolution of my remote desktop connection.  The Power BI application is doing that just fine... it's just the workspace within the Power BI application and visualization/field menus that are offset.


Yes, it worked for me when I still had the issue.


I had to force close all sessions through Task Manager. I couldn't just close the windows on the taskbar.

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Thanks @WTarrasque.  I actually reported this as an issue as well and the Power BI team got back with an update that worked for me, described in this link.


A screenshot of the fix is below:


Blurry Screen Fix.PNG