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PowerBI dataset refresh error (Dynamics 365) - invalid feed metatdata document

Hi. My Power BI reports have recently been unable to refresh due to the following error. The reports were working previously with no issue.


The report was drawing data from Dynamics 365 online. I have already tried changing the version number from 9.2 to previous version, but still got the same error.





When I tried to relogin with my organizational account for credentials, this error was thrown up:


Failed to update data source credentials: The feed's metadata document appears to be invalid. Error: The type Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.msfp_surveyresponse has conflicting definitions for the property msfp_msfp_surveyresponse_msfp_surveyresponse_parent_survey_response_new.


Would appreciate any advice on this matter. Thank you.

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Glad to hear the good news! Hope Dynamics team can help you fix this problem.



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We got the same issue, out of nowhere....

I'm also not able to create a complete new connection from PowerBI to CRM. 

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I've managed to get in touch with a Microsoft rep. We did some troubleshooting and found that it may likely be a Microsoft Dynamics issue - their API link no longer allows us to connect to CRM.


You can try getting data from your CRM in Excel and the same error will appear, implying that it's more from the Dynamics side.


I think it makes sense, since Dynamics also recently had a pretty big upgrade. Something may have been broken during the update.


Will update more over time. Ideally it will resolve once the Dynamics team has worked on it.

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Status changed to: Delivered



Glad to hear the good news! Hope Dynamics team can help you fix this problem.



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@ezekielyeo @v-cazheng-msft @K1XN Can someone share what was done to get this fixed without having to rebuild the report? 

we are seeing the same issue 

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@manarkhalid1982 we created a support ticket, CRM support team provided a small update.