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PowerBI - down?

Hi Microsoft. I cant connect to Service Unavailable HTTP error 503

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Power BI Service is still unstable, some users can use the service others can't..

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Still unstable, yesterday we were not able to visit from The Netherlands. Some clients of ours experience the same. Others don't.

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same issue at 1:00 pm ist on 8th september 2020.

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Still unstable!!


yesterday we were not able to visit Loading is taking to long ore the page doesn't responds at all.  This is not workable!


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what are your guys outcome on testing the onpremis gateway ? mine is working one second the next not

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Yep, same issue, unstable work.  Still no official comment in this topic.

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Same issues here, very unstable....

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Still unstable in Sweden, tenant placed in Western Europe. Been up and down for the past week.

A mention about this and updates on the issue on would be widely appreciated! 

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Same problem (again) in Netherlands

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Same issue in Denmark yesterday and today.