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PowerBI - down?

Hi Microsoft. I cant connect to Service Unavailable HTTP error 503

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this is what I have noticed.


1. Publishing a report makes unavialiable for a couple of minuts, witch makes zero sense.

2. The onpremis gateway is unstable. Work one minut, dies the next.


Iv had a succefull datasæt update, 20 min later the same datasæts fails update. Makes no sense.


Anyone else exprienceing this ?


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Data is in UK South (London).


Having same issue for the past few hours. Please address.

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Also in the UK, have had problems since 2 o'clock

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16-09 no connection what so ever to - service unavailable in Denmark.

None of my clients can access (Denmark, Belgium) or web parts in sharepoint with reports published to web.

Nothing works and no where do I see Microsoft working on this - are you?

For consultants this is total disaster.

This is a classic failure of the centralized Microsoft development model - no communication, no explanation from Microsoft and of course no money back!

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Its still not without flaws but in general, it does work.


Try restartning your onpremis gateway, then restart the server and also do a network port test.


Im located in DK to.


I feel its a bit more stable then a couple of days ago.


I have a case with their support, but going extremly slow.


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@rado81 I have no gateways, it''s the service responding with "DNS not found" address unavailable.

It worked for 5 min this morning but at 10 am its totally gone again - sigh 😞

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I know the feeling, iv been struggling for weeks with unstabel service, but right now, it works as intended, im currently on the portal and repsonding fine.



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Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan)

sign in to the site is very slow  (

and some dashboards sometimes do not work and load very slowly

When is this problem solved?


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We also experienced this. All of our morning reports on subscriptions did not go out - yet, our data sets dont appear to have failed. Will refresh them just in case.